Before you ever download one track from this page, you should get the mixed version of Bootwards (available for download here or here). These links are here whenever you want to keep one or some of the mashups in particular for any purpose you like.

Avant de se lancer dans le téléchargement d'un seul de ces morceaux, je vous conseile d'écouter la version mixée de Bootwards (disponible ici ou ici). Ces liens sont là si, pour une raison ou une autre, vous voulez garder un ou quelques uns des morceaux en particulier.

The given lengths are the album lengths, the single versions are always longer.
Les durées données ici sont la durée du mashup dans l'album, la version simple
de chaque mashup est toujours plus longue que sa version mixée.

01 . Queen vs. Dr. Dre The Next Episode Will Rock You 1:18
02 . Rolling Stones vs. Gorillaz Feel Good Devil 4:13
03 . Blue Oyster Cult vs. Justin Timberlake Don't Fear The River 3:40
04 . Kyuss vs. D4L Laffy Thong 0:58
05 - Cure vs. Outkast OutKure (If Only Tonight We Could Be So Fresh So Clean) 2:49
06 . Elton John vs. Gnarls Barkley Your Crazy Mashup 3:57
07 . Johnny Cash & June Carter vs. Beastie Boys The Sounds of Jackson 2:57
08 . Nine Inch Nails vs. Britney Spears Toxic Piggy 1:52
09 . T. Rex vs. Outkast Cosmic Hey Ya 4:06
10 . Rage Against The Machine vs. 50 Cent The Ghost of P.I.M.P. 1:20
11 . Marilyn Manson vs. IAM The Nobodies' Saga 3:10
11 . Marilyn Manson vs. Eminem The Rain Nobodies
12 . Nine Inch Nails & Doors vs. Eve & Gwen Stefani Great me Below your Whiskey Bar 2:29
13 . Nickelback vs. 50 Cent How You Remind me Da Club (Nickelcent) 4:07
14 . Hard Fi vs. DJ Shadow Mongrel Meets a Cash Machine 3:25
15 . Korn vs. Nelly & Usher Make me Hot in Here (KorNelly) 2:46
16 . Moby vs. Eminem Just Lift it 1:45
17 . Genesis vs. Kelis I Can't Trick 2:54
18 . Trail of Dead vs. The Game Wasted State of Ride 3:14
19 . Nine Inch Nails vs. N.E.R.D. She Wants to Suck 3:11
20 . Paul McCartney vs. Black Eyed Peas My Fine Humps 1:24
21 . David Bowie vs. Christina Aguilera Ain't No Other Star 1:47
22 . ACDC vs. Justin Timberlake Struck Back 2:46
23 . Doors vs. 2-Pac Your Changes are Lost Little Girl 2:03
24 . Cure & David Bowie vs. Gorillaz Cold Never Get out of the Monkey Head 3:04
25 . Led Zeppelin vs. TTC Bâtard to Heaven 4:44
26 . David Bowie & Bob Dylan vs. Dr. Dre Knockin' on Ziggy's Big Ego 3:01
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all mashups, produced and mixed by: ToToM

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